The band

Letatlin was born in the late nineties through the collaboration of Marc Mal de Vivre (guitars &
vocals), Hans Plasma (guitars & vocals), Orsonero (bass guitar), and MF (drums).
For the first three demos (‘Tatlin’, ‘Fossili di Piccolo Calibro’, and ‘Detriti’), the group follows a
newwave/post-rock/noise blueprint.
In 2002, the band releases the album ‘Missili sul Giappone’ (DIY). The album is very well received by
the press.
After the drummer leaves the band in 2003, Letatlin becomes a three-piece act. This forces the band
to find creative new solutions, so for the first time, the group uses a drum machine, synths and
sampled sounds. The sound evolves towards a more personal interpretation of post-punk.
The result of this newly evolved sound is pretty surprising, the album ‘1919: Naissance du Robot’
(DIY) will be a crucial turning point for the band from a technical and creative point of view.
Letatlin is then contacted by Ark Records to record their first official album.
In 2003 M. Mal de Vivre, and H. Plasma decide to move to Amsterdam. The album ‘La Sepoltura
delle Farfalle’ (Ark Records / Masterpiece distribution) is released in 2006, and the reviews all
throughout Europe are all excellent. Mick Mercer contacts the group and adds the album to his
book, ‘Music to Die For’ (published by Cherry Red Book, UK, 2009).
In the meantime, the band becomes a duo. Marc and Hans learn how to deal with all the
instruments, both electric and digital. Occasionally they are joined by guest musicians.
Between 2007 and 2017 Letatlin produce several singles and EP’s, and two full lengths albums:
‘Natsuko: the 11th story’ (2014) and ‘Reaching for the Moonlight’ (2017).
In 2022 a new album sees the light: ‘Seaside’.
The album is recorded in different location between Amsterdam and Rome between 2018 and 2020,
and mixed and mastered at HombreLobo Studio Rome by Valerio Fisik in 2021. Marc (guitar, bass
guitar, synthesizers, drum programming & voice) and Hans (guitar, synthesizers, loops, drum
machines & voice). At the moment Letatlin is promoting his new album “sea side” with the italian
label (R)esisto Distribuzione.